Yakubu Danasabe Mohammed, Mohammad Bakri Ishak


Occupational accident in the construction sector in 2010 alone includes 66 fatal and 54 non-fatal. The objectives of this study are; to study fatal and non-fatal accident and to determine contribution of fatal and non-fatal accident to the total number of accident. The result indicates that there is no clear positive or negative trend in the number of fatal and nonfatal accident from year 2002 – 2010. Furthermore, the result of the Sensitivity Analysis shows that fatal accidents (53.53%) contribute more to accident rates than nonfatal accident (47.46%). This study provides useful information as regard to the contribution of fatal and nonfatal accident to the total number of accident and the key impact variable. Therefore, from the information provided, it is evident that an effort towards safety program is vitally needed at construction sites. Management commitment, safe working condition and safe work habits are all what are needed for effective implementation of safety program.


Construction sector, construction accident, workplace, contribution, safety program

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11113/mjce.v25n1.296


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