Ofondu I.O., Ikwueze E.U., Ike C.C.


The Stodola-Vianello iteration method was implemented in this work to determine the critical buckling load of an Euler column of length l with fixed end (x = 0) and pinned end (x = l), where the longitudinal axis is the x-direction.The critical buckling loads were found to be variable, depending on the x-coordinate. Integration and the Rayleigh quotients were used to find average buckling coefficients. First iteration gave relative errors of 4% using integration and 2.5% using Rayleigh quotient.Second iteration gave average relative errorsless than 1% for both the integration and the Rayleigh quotients. Better estimates of the critical buckling loads were obtained using the Rayleigh quotient in the Stodola-Vianello’s iteration.


Stodola –Vianello’s iteration method Euler column, critical buckling load, flexural buckling.

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